Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rockets and the NBA Trade Deadline 2010

Today, Wednesday the 17th of February, is a big deal to fans of the Houston Rockets. We're one day away from the trade deadline and we're basically allowing the highest paid NBA player to workout on his own and not suit up and try and help the team.

1. Tracy McGrady Houston $23,239,561
2. Kobe Bryant LA Lakers $23,034,375

TMac has played in 6 games while averaging a super human 7.7 minutes a game. PPG you ask? 3.1.... Link:

3.1? Shouldn't that period be moved over a space?

Basically, TMac pissed off the management of the Rockets with this stunt last year on the trade deadline: Link:
He knew he was in danger of getting traded to Detroit or another team and decided to announce, not to the Rockets but the world through his website, that he was "shutting it down". So becuase of this, the Rockets lost out on at least getting another position player, and who knows, maybe they would have beat the Lakers in Game 7.

Well fast forward past the Lakers winning and start at the beginning of training camp. TMac again is not ready from his microfacture surgery and again the Rockets get to find out when he's ready through his website. His attitude is not anywhere remotely being a team player so Adelman told him to take a hike. This was a bad move.

Adelman said he did not want to screw up the nucleus and the tempo of the game by having a superstar run isolation plays. Well now, thanks to small ball, the Rockets are 12th or 13th in the West and are sitting on the fattest contract in the NBA.

So today, one day before the deadline, the hopes and dreams of the Rockets Nation are again on TMac. I wonder what he has up his sleeve this time....maybe this: Link:

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