Thursday, April 22, 2010

NFL Draft 2010

Well it's that time again. This year it's on a Thursday which I'm not a fan of. Half the fun of the draft is waking up early, meeting up somewhere with a group and spending the entire Saturday drinking and pretending football is back. Anyway the Texans and Cowboys have first round picks so let's play "pin the tail on the draftpicks".

Below are what I think each team is weak in and what position they should try to fill. I'm not Mel kiper so I can't name names, and honestly who cares what a guy did in college.

1. Safety (ss)
2. WR
3. G
5. LT

The boys got burnt up by the land baron and Sidney rice in the playoffs last year on a lot of seam and post routes. A good SS is key to stopping those routes. Roy Williams is a bust so a WR like dez from ok state would be ideal. The line needs adjustments, both fozell and Marc columbo had bad years. A good ROLB would really tighten up the ware-James combo back there.

1. CB
2. RB
3. Safety (fs)
4. DT
5. WR/KR

First priority for the Texans is to replace Dante. Their secondary sucked last year and with dante leaving this is an obvious choice. RB would be a good pickup to fight for the number two with Brown. Again safety for over the top plays which is where the texans opponents really get them. A DT would be as Travis Johnson isn't working and man child is looking too good either. Finally a WR/KR to challenge Jacoby.